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Engraving Styles

We have a wide range of standard lettering and fonts that can be engraved into any stone with precision accuracy. You can choose from an extensive range of serif, sans-serif (block), black letter (old English), script and decorative typefaces.
Letter Styles
  • Serif Letters are fonts with characters that have ‘feet’, such as the default font in Microsoft office ‘Times New Roman’. These letter forms date back to the ancient Romans, and are thought to be a respectful classic font. It is often used as the main part of text on a memorial.

  • Block Letters also known as ‘sans-serif’ letters are more modern and simple looking and do not have any ‘feet’. They are often one solid size the whole way around the letter. Although not as traditional, block letters are also often used for the main part of text on a memorial.

  • Old English Letters are just how they sound, written like in old style England. Quite often the heading on a memorial will be written in old English, such as ‘In Loving Memory Of’ and the rest in a serif or block letter.

  • Script Letters are similar to how a persons handwriting would look. It is nice when used sparingly or as decoration, for example a single line from a verse or poem at the bottom of the memorial.

Engraving Styles
  • Natural Everlasting is when the stone is engraved with the letters and left with the natural stone showing (only on black granite).

  • Gold is when after the letters have been engraved, 23 carat gold leaf is applied.

  • Silver is when after the letters have been engraved, they are given a chrome finish.

  • White is also an option, we blast the inscription and white paint is applied.

  • Raised Letters have the surround of the letters engraved, rather than the actual letters themselves. So you are left with a surrounding box around the text, with the letters raised in the face of the stone.

  • Laser Engraving is our new product, where a laser takes off a very small portion of the granite polish see our page laser engraving for more details. 

Foreign Languages

We are able to engrave in many different languages including special letter sets such as Arabic and Chinese. Example custom lettering we have done includes Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Korean and more. Many different cultural groups often choose to have a mix of their traditional language and plain English on their loved ones memorials.

What to write

View our Epitaphs and Inscriptions page for some examples of what is commonly written in memory of loved ones.

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