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Mackay Monumental Masons is proud to announce our new Laser Engraving Service to you. We are so excited to bring you more modern methods of engraving and are looking forward to creating a beautiful memorial for your loved one. Please find below some helpful information to assist with your choices.

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Sandblasted Headstone

What is "Laser Engraving"?


Laser engraving  applies to etching on granite stone. This is a process of removing a small portion of the polished surface with a Co2 laser this results in the etching becoming permanently fixed into the natural exposed material depending on the image.  Mackay Monumental Masons use a high grade CNC machine to laser etch high definition images on granite.

What are the Pro's & Con's of Laser Engraving vs The Sandblasting method?


New Laser Engraving Method

Is the newer method of headstone engraving and is quickly becoming the most popular style to choose. 

With laser etching, a CNC machine uses a laser to carefully etch the surface of the granite.

The benefits of laser etching is it creates less maintenance as there is less surface area exposed and can create more intricate, detailed images including photos of your love ones, pets, scenery, the sky is the limit. The only downside is the only available colour to etch on is black granite to achieve the best results. 

Sandblasting Method

Sandblasting is the most popular form of making headstones now days, This method etches the design into the surface of the stone without chipping the granite, but still allowing the design to be seen. One negative of traditional etching is that it does wear away faster in the elements. Wind, rain, and dirt can collect in the grooves of the engraved design, and the design can soften over time. You are also limited with the detail you can achieve using the sandblasting method, this is mainly used for inscription and symbols, to get a photo added it will usually be porcelain which can add extra costings and maintenance. 

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